Garrowby Hill was created by David Hockney in the late 20th century. It is one of a number of a bright landscape paintings that he produced of scenery from across the county of Yorkshire.

It is the high horizon and pretty patchwork of the Yorkshire Moors which adds a strong element of charm to this painting, as well as the bright colours that he uses to achieve it.

David Hockey, like most Yorkshireman, is very proud of his roots and also highly enthusiastic about the artistic qualities of the countryside that he grew up around.

This is the highest point in the Yorkshire Wolds and it was from here that the snaking road was captured by the artist.

It is believed by many who have interviewed Hockney since Garrowby Hill appeared in 1998 that he actually produced the work predominantly though memory, with perhaps a little artistic imagination added in on top.

Those who have since made the artistic pilgrimage themselves will perhaps be surprised by the accuracy that someone can paint from memory, even though they may have been in the same spot many times previously.

Garrowby Hill was chosen by Hockney as the ideal location for a landscape painting of the stunning Yorkshire countryside in the north of England. Garrowby Hill is just one of a number of Yorkshire landscape paintings from the 1990s as the artist returned to the UK for an extended period.

Garrowby, East Riding, Yorkshire

The Hockney Trail

The video below illustrates how Hockney captures the Yorkshire countryside, in this case Woldgate Woods. It always helps us to understand more about an artist and his paintings when we get to see the creator at work.

The Hockney Trail is a well known route for hikers looking to discover the sources of inspiration used by Hockney during this key part of his career. The area between York and Bridlington contains many locations found in his landscape art and makes an ideal spot for an organised walk.

Those wanting to find out more about making this journey around the Wolds should check out

Many fans of the artist have taken off on tours of areas of Yorkshire in an attempt to follow in the footsteps of Hockney and sit it the very same spots as where he created his masterpieces. Garrowby Hill will always feature in these tours because of its general popularity with his supporters.

There is also some information on the regions mentioned here online, with the artwork offering an impetus to those writing about these specific areas of Yorkshire, which in itself is one of England’s largest counties in terms of both land area and also population.

Such artists can have a great impact upon the lives of local people, with small economies booming once art tourists start to produce these rural tours. With the rural economy continuing to struggle any small help like this can make a big difference to local people’s lives.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA

The original artwork is now on display at the Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston, USA.

This Hockney landscape is amongst the most significant of its current contemporary art collection.

The original art work remains in America much of the time but is happily available in the UK on rare occasions such as that outlined above. The painter has found great success on both sides of the pond ever since the 1960s and his style has broadly developed over time. Much of his earlier work was distinctly Pop Art but since them he has adapted into other forms of contemporary art.

Hockney’s Legacy

Garrowby Hill holds a great prominence in the career of British artist David Hockney. The landscape painting has become a highly respected work from his career and has recently become one of the most reproduced prints from all of his career up to this date. It is the bright colours and charming Yorkshire scenery which serves as the key to Garrowby Hill’s success.

There are also now a good collection of publications on the work of Hockney and these can be valuable for those who want to learn more about the rise of the painter and need more information than what they can easily find on the Internet. As the prolific painter continues to create more art then there will likewise be more publications too.

Many of the original Hockney paintings are now in private hands and distributed across the world, making any exhibitions a really rare opportunity to see so much of his work together at the same time. One positive is that the artist is particularly productive and has been for many decades, meaning that there is still plenty of his work still held in the United Kingdom.

The artist created this stunning art work in 1998 and it remains a focal point in most exhibitions of the artist’s work. A recent London Royal Exhibition offering tackled a specific period in Hockney’s work with an emphasis on his recent British landscape scenes and this demanded the appearance of Garrowby Hill.

Hockney was a Yorkshireman by birth and his career serves as an artistic guide to much of the region. Garrowby Hill is just one of a multitude of scenic spots in Yorkshire captures by the artist. Despite spending so much time in the United States it is pleasing to see that the artist has never lost his connection to this northern region of England which has long had a reputation for attractive scenery.

The English countryside has long since inspired artists from across the country and Hockney’s Garrowby Hill is just one example of that. JMW Turner and John Constable were notable names who centuries earlier had drawn attention to other scenic spots in the UK and Constable himself was integral in drawing attention to the merits of another county, namely Suffolk that sits in the quiet region of East Anglia.

Hockney was someone who was truly passionate about the natural surroundings but as he grew older he became more reliant on the comfort of his studio where much of his magic would happen. The artist would spend some time taking photographs and early preparatory studies of his favourite locations before transferring to his studio where he could plan his next works more accurately.

David Hockney Exhibitions

This is a prolific, productive artist who now has a huge back catalogue of work to enjoy. This has made full retrospectives hard to create in a way which sufficiently covers his entire career and different periods of work.

As such, it is more common to see exhibitions that address a specific period of his work, with a London Royal Exhibition, David Hockney RA: A Bigger Picture 2012, having an emphasis on his recent British landscape scenes. This demanded the appearance of Garrowby Hill, and there it was.

The Youtube video below features interviews around the exhibition and you will spot many of his most famous paintings dotted around the walls of this prestigious art gallery.


Garrowby Hill Prints

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Those art fans who have been lured into the career of Hockney via spotting Garrowby Hill in the press somewhere really ought to check out more of his Yorkshire landscapes of recent years as there are many other stunning paintings that sit alongside that of our key focus here.

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