The couple were known as serious art collectors and yet, this piece, while initially appearing strict and distant, reveals itself to one that can be enjoyed for its subtle comedy.

David Hockney has explored a number of styles during his artistic career. American Collectors (Fred and Marcia Weisman) shows his appreciation for line. Light pastel colours like pink and a blue background make the painting appear almost dreamlike.

This is offset by the stance of both collectors. They almost appear to be as rigid as the statues in their garden.

Maybe the most famous case from a gathering of twofold pictures of companions and partners from the 1960s, this sketch portrays the collectors in the model garden of their Los Angeles home.

As tirelessly hardened and still as the items encompassing them, the couple stands separated. The position of each is mirrored in artwork nearby.

Marcia Weisman’s toothy grin likewise reflects that of the Henry Moore totem pole. The artist knows that the placement of each person in the painting may make it seem one dimensional.

This is avoided through his splendid use of raking light, which smooths the scene. This light joins the structure. The distance and their posture makes the collectors appear to be neglectful of each other.

In the mid-1970s Marcia and Frederick chose to end their marriage, however they stayed dear companions and throughout the years added to the development of each person’s generous accumulations of craftsmanship.

In the painting, they each seem close to the works of art and by choosing to have them mirror the pieces, the artist may be displaying their dedication to their purpose.

In the 70’s, Hockney’s use of realism in his artwork heightened, yet none of his paintings ever looked like a photograph, although he utilised photos as references. His work didn’t transform into Photorealism. Nor did it ever seem stuffy or out-dated. Taking a gander at the compositions of this period and in addition at the uncommonly direct drawings in ink that the artist has completed over the years, it seems that his interest in Realism is not new and has always been displayed in his art.