As prolific as he is innovative, it truly is an impossible task to summarise his career up to now with just a small selection of paintings.

This section attempts to do that, capturing many of his finest portraits, landscapes and still life artwork.

The extraordinary productivity of this Pop Art painter ensures that much of his work can be seen in person, despite the incredible popularity that his career in now enjoying.

Two major categories of his work were inspired by his time living on both sides of the pond, offering the familiar palette of the Yorkshire countryside and the warmer tones of the American west coast.

Hockney has grown in confidence as his career has gone on and now regularly attempts works on a very large scale, combining up to 50 canvases together in order to give a truly momentous visual impact when a viewer sees the work in person.

This innovative British artist has continually re-invented himself, such as embracing modern technology of late. iPad sketches took a prominent position in a recent exhibition and Hockney has also made use of other digital mediums such as video.