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Cart Track and Pylon East Yorkshire

David Hockney , 2004 , Yorkshire

East Yorkshire landscapes

In February, L.A. Louver in Los Angeles exhibits the 36 watercolors entitled Midsummer: East Yorkshire in a show of Hockney’s watercolors, Hand, Eye, Heart. David Pagel reviews the show for the Los Angeles Times: “You don’t have to know much about David Hockney or watercolor painting to see that the artist’s 55 new works are amazing documents of rambling drives through the English countryside. Each casually exquisite picture of leafless trees, golden fields, puddled lanes, blossoming flowers, distant farmhouses, rolling hillsides, and quiet towns is an astutely observed moment that would never make it to a postcard but is all the more lovely for being ordinary. In these enlivened images glimpsed through car windows, Hockney doesn’t take your breath away so much as he gets you to breathe deeply, soaking in every detail of the fleeting scenes.” Back in Bridlington as of July, Hockney continues painting the Yorkshire landscape en plein air, but now in oil.
  • David Hockney
  • 2004
  • Painting, Watercolor
  • Watercolor on paper (part 13 of a 36-part work)
  • 15 x 22 1/2"
  • The David Hockney Foundation

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