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Green Valley

David Hockney , 2008 , Yorkshire

Drawing in a printing machine

During the year Hockney begins using the computer program Photoshop and does a series of portraits reminiscent of those in watercolor. He proves deft at using the tool, which requires him to draw using a stylus on a pad, while keeping his eyes on both sitter and computer screen. Ultimately, he uses Photoshop to do a series of landscapes as well.

It allows you to draw directly in a printing machine …. I used to think the computer was too slow for a draughtsman. You had finished a line, and the computer was 15 seconds later, an absurd position for someone drawing, but things have improved, and it now enables one to draw very freely and fast with color. There are advantages and disadvantages to anything new in mediums for artists, but the speed allowed here with color is something new, swapping brushes in the hand with oil or watercolor takes time.

  • David Hockney
  • 2008
  • Computer Drawing
  • Inkjet printed computer drawing on paper, Edition of 25
  • 35 x 46 1/2"
  • The David Hockney Foundation

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